Touch therapy or body talk

 Touch therapy or body talk


There is no profession more beautiful than to be "a trader with a touch," though the more common expression is a masseur.


Many of my clients often during a practice, said that I should be a doctor ... Others advised me to become a psychologist and some said that I should be a priest. I have always said, "Why should I be just one of them when I can be all that?! I don’t want to help people as one of the mentioned, I want to help them triple as much!

Touch therapy is actually a very simple thing, but first you should have a good understanding of the language that client’s body speaks. Something reveals his body at first sight, something at first touch, and the last pieces of the puzzle tells us the body itself through the his owners tongue  even then are the pieces of the puzzle hidden between the lines. Then you have no other choice but to put together the whole contra-mosaic on the client’s body to push the pointer of the mutual balance of physical and mental wellbeing to the optimum.

It is more than obvious that what was piled up for a long time needs a bigger number of completed treatments for setting the balance right. Any therapy should be a bit different, because the body is really a very living and sensitive organism, which is affected not only by time, but everything around us even if the owner of the human shell is no very happy to agree. It is therefore necessary to reflect to the current balance of the organism as a whole and not just ‘sharpen’ the body like a pencil at each therapy. It is only natural that the body responds to changing stimuli more significantly and the regeneration proceeds faster.

If the therapist does not have a comprehensive understanding of the whole problem, the stimulation made by him will be probably always the same and we should know that the way of the client's recovery will not only take longer but will also be more expensive and the possibility of a higher than average level of performance is directly proportional to the ability of the therapist to understand the client's body language or otherwise said, to his manual skilfulness. So an old saying applies also here: “When two do the same thing, it’s never the same” and I always try to be the better of the two. Today, perhaps more than ever a motto applies:”Time is money!” Therefore, clients are really grateful, if the therapist can take away their physical problems quickly and efficiently. Because quality is measured by returning clients – they are not asking how much it will cost them because they already know how much it will bring them.

Working with people is never easy. I often work in the evenings and at weekends, but I still think that my job is the most beautiful in the world. For this reason, I am happy for every serious candidate for this profession and I pass all of my practical experience during the courses I give.
Why do I think my profession is wonderful?
It’s indeed great to be able to help people by only touching them.


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